Magazine Business Plan Kit

by Cheryl Woodard Only $97


If you want to start your own magazine, you can use this magazine business plan kit to develop a simple plan before you jump into magazine publishing . . . and potentially lose your shirt! Our magazine business plan kit has template files that work with your wordprocessing and spreadsheet programs to help you build a customized business plan. It works equally well on a Mac or a PC, but please note: you must have spreadsheet software (such as Excel) to use this program.

There are four files in the kit, and we can send them by email as soon as your payment is received. We can also send the kit on a CD. The four files are:

Market Analysis workbook (in Microsoft Excel) looking at other publications in a niche to assess your own idea. The line by line instructions teach you how to study competitors and determine the best niche for your magazine.

Magazine Business Plan Outline (a Microsoft Word document) helps you describe your ideas and avoid leaving out essential information.

Magazine Budget Workbook (in Microsoft Excel) that helps you figure out how much money you can make with your new magazine. Line-by-line instructions are included so that you can easily complete the workbook, even if you know absolutely nothing about publishing magazines.

Business Plan Instructions (in Microsoft Word) provides detailed instructions for completing a magazine business plan, including instructions for getting cost estimates from printers, setting your subscription and advertising prices, calculating staff salaries, and other essential details.

This is a simple tool and easy to use, but it is packed with priceless advice and practical suggestions from the magazine startup expert who launched PC Magazine at a San Francisco kitchen table 20 years ago. I created this kit for students at Stanford University's Professional Publishing Course who work in teams to develop a complete magazine prototype and business plan in just ten days.

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If you are working on a magazine business plan and you need specific advice, feel free to contact me. I've seen hundreds of publication business plans, and I can offer quick, low-cost advice about yours. Our Coaching services are very affordable.

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We strongly encourage you to read this book if you are working on a magazine business plan. It will save you hours of research time, and it offers tips from experienced publishers. This is the how-to book you've been waiting for, written by a co-founder of three computer magazines, PC Magazine, PC World, and Macworld. You can find the book in any library or retail bookstore, and you can order it right now from by clicking on the cover.

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