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Publishing FAQ

I have a great idea for a new magazine (or internet publication). What should I do first?

How do I find readers for my new magazine or website?

How do I find good freelance writers on a small publishing budget?

What is the best way to approach a publisher who might launch my new magazine or website for me?

How can I guarantee that people will read and subscribe to my magazine or website?

What software and hardware do I need to produce my magazine or newsletter?

How do I get my magazine or newsletter printed?

How do I discuss my publishing idea with other people and also prevent them from stealing it?

How do magazines and internet publications set their advertising sales prices?

How much should we pay our advertising sales people?

Are there companies that will help me sell online ads in exchange for a share of the revenues?

Do I need a license or registration for my magazine, newsletter or website?

How much does it cost to launch a magazine?

I'm planning to use lots of freelance writers and contracters to manage my publication, instead of employees. Where can I find sample contracts for these folks?

How can we increase our advertising sales revenue?

Is newsstand distribution a good way to grow our circulation?

We need to cut publishing costs; how can we do it?

Can our nonprofit organization lose its tax exempt status if we sell too many ads?

What kind of ads are we prohibited from selling in our nonprofit publications, and why?

What is the best way to conduct a reader survey?

Our nonprofit association recently lost its magazine publishing vendor and we are looking for another one. Do you have any suggestions about finding a good one? And what performance should we expect?

Is there good software for managing the editorial process, keeping track of articles we are developing and future issues as they are evolving?



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