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Publishing Budget Worksheet - Only $29
Created for Nonprofits, but Useful for Every Publisher

Use this worksheet to create a budget for your print and online publications. There are instructions for estimating salaries, printing costs, freelancer fees and other publishing expenses. You will also find help calculating advertising revenues and income from other sources.

The kit comes with two files

Instructions (in Microsoft Word) provides detailed instructions for completing the worksheet, including tips budgeting for more than one year at a time.

Worksheet (in Microsoft Excel) helps you set up a complete budget in a five steps: Staffing and Overhead, Publishing Assumptions (frequency, etc), Variable Costs, Revenues, and Net Income. Also includes a detailed sample budget.

This worksheet by Cheryl Woodard is a perfect companion to her books, especially, Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing. The worksheet parallels the budgeting chapter in that book.

Retail price: $48
Special Internet discount: -40%
Your discounted price: $29


If you are working on a magazine business plan and you need specific advice, feel free to contact me. I've worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations that publish newsletters, books, magazines and websites. I can offer quick, low-cost advice about your organization's publishing operations. And my Coaching services are very affordable.

You can download the e-book Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing from

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